WoodMusICK (WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge) combined forces to foster research on wooden musical instruments in order to preserve and develop the dissemination of knowledge on musical instruments in Europe through inter disciplinary research. The program brought together curators and conservators with wood scientists, chemists, and acousticians, as well as researchers in organology and making of instruments.As part of the CIMCIM network, working with some members of the former WoodCultHer (COST Action IE0601) and with makers, the project integrated study, conservation, and preservation works on musical instruments in heritage, and allowed the different European teams working on wood to participate in research projects on musical instruments. The collaboration helped to develop cooperative programs on specific projects about the study and identification of artefacts and about the conservation of musical instruments.

Chair of the Action
Dr Sandie LE CONTE, Cite de la musique, Paris, France

Vice Chair
Dr Pascale VANDERVELLEN, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, Belgium

Science Officer
Dr Fatima BOUCHAMA, COST Office , Brussels, Belgium

Administrative Officer
Ms Aranzazu SANCHEZ, COST Office , Brussels, Belgium

Domain Committee Rapporteur
Mr Marc VAN LEEMPUT, Centre Technique de L’Industrie du Bois (CTIB-TCHN), Brussels, Belgium


WoodMusICK was COST Action FP1302.  For more information about WoodmusICK’s working groups, events, exchange & training, and dissemination, visit the archived homepage https://web.archive.org/web/20180911150117/http://woodmusick.org/.

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