IAMIC (International Association of Musical Instruments Collections)

CIMCIM, being an international committee of ICOM, had to comply with its regulations. The result was that only a limited number of members could be invited to take part in the CIMCIM working groups. Many conservators and field workers interested in musical instruments could not join. The solution found was that of setting up IAMIC and encouraging membership. The first meeting took place in Copenhagen in 1972 and afterwards in Neuchâtel and Stockholm. The Board (President, Secretary) was the same for CIMCIM and IAMIC. In 1974 a reorganization took place and board members were added for IAMIC: Friedemann Hellwig, Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez, Prof. Nomura and Konrad Sasse. It was dissolved in 1975 and only CIMCIM remained, reconsidering its membership. Members who could not be considered as ICOM members were co-opted as subscribers to the CIMCIM Newsletter.

Updated on Nov. 2017