Working Groups


Margaret Birley
Horniman Museum and Gardens
birleymargaret (at)

The CIMCIM working group for classification aims to create and maintain a bibliography of new sources which deal with issues relating to the classification of musical instruments. The working group will make critical analyses of such published information.  Addenda and Corrigenda to the MIMO consortium’s existing revision of the Hornbostel Sachs classification arising from this new information will occasionally be made by the working group, following their recommendation to and discussion with the wider CIMCIM membership, including publication in the CIMCIM Newsletter.   Bibliographical details of such new published sources should be sent to Margaret Birley, with a statement indicating the areas of the Hornbostel Sachs classification that are implicated for revision.


Arnold Myers
University of Edinburgh and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
A.Myers (at)

CIMCIM maintains the international system of sigla for musical instrument museums and collections. This provides a convenient short notation designating collections which can be used by scholars needing to cite instruments and other music-related artefacts in collections. The working group updates the system as necessary, for example when museums change name, collections change ownership, or collections newly emerge as research resources. See here the current list of sigla.