IAMIC and CIMCIM Newsletters (1973-1989)

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CIMCIM Newsletter XIV (1989)
Contents include: The reserve collection – a public facility at risk; A problem of terminology; Cataloguing standards for instrument collections; The former states of the so called Bach-Cembalo; A mid-sixteenth century Italian cittern at the University of South Dakota; The C.G. Conn Company: a retrospective; Dendrochronological analysis of European string instruments; Problems of authenticity of sixteenth century stringed instruments; The Bad Säckingen Trumpet Museum; “TAIKO KAN”.

CIMCIM Newsletter XIII (1987)
Contents include: Typologie et classification en organologie musicale; Towards a classification of musical instruments for the use of non-specialised museums; Los vasos silbadores del Museo Dr Emilio Azzarini; Musical and sound reproducing instruments in the Buenos Aires Museums; Über traditionelle Handwerkstechniken; A select bibliography of bark conservation.

CIMCIM Newsletter XII (1985)
Contents include: Typologie et classification en organologie musicale: perspective muséographique; Classification – cordophones.

CIMCIM Newsletter XI (1983-84)
Contents include: Extracts from a computer database of pianos; The new [Berlin] musical instruments museum, its activities and concepts; The Witten-Rawlins Collection: the mounting of a permanent exhibit; An Italian harpsichord at the Museo de Arte Decorativo; Some notes on Japanese Drum Making; Categories of documentation; Pitch notation: a plea to end confusion; A new gallery of musical instruments: Royal Ontario Museum; The acquisition, use and restoration of wind instruments in collections; Classification – aerophones.

CIMCIM Newsletter X (1982)
Contents include: Recommendations on access to musical instruments; The musical instrument collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

CIMCIM Newsletter IX (1981)
Contents include: On the prehistory and foundation of CIMCIM; On the occasion of Victor Luithlen’s 80th birthday; Abstracts of papers read in Mexico City; A new permanent exhibition at Ringve Museum, Trondheim; On problems of the documentation of musical instruments; Preparing an inventory of musical instruments in nonspecialised museums: for example in Saxony.

CIMCIM Newsletter VIII (1980)
Contents include: Recollections of the Leipzig Conference Quelques considérations d’order pratique à propos de l’exposition itinérant 1973-1973 “Les instruments de musique au XVIII siècle: France-Grande Bretagne”; CIMCIM Colloquy at Burgdorf, April 10 to 13, 1980; The international periodical literature dealing with musical instruments.

CIMCIM Newsletter VII (1979)
Contents include: The Fiftieth Birthday of the Leipzig Museum of Musical Instruments.

CIMCIM Newsletter VI (1978)
Contents include: Encounters with Emanuel Winternitz; The Collection of Historic Musical Instruments at the Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg; La Lumière dans les salles d’exposition; Musical life in the Zurich area between 1765 and 1812.

CIMCIM Newsletter V (1977)

CIMCIM Newsletter III-IV (1975-76)
Contents include: In memory of Geneviève Thibault, Madame H. de Chambure; Merkmale, die zur umschreibung bestimmer Typen von Instrumenten der europäischen Kunstmusik in der Systematik von E.M. von Hornbostel und C. Sachs fehlen, mit versuchweiser einordnung dieser Merkmale in die genannte Systematik; Fiche organologique CIMCIM.

IAMIC Newsletter II (1974)
Contents include: Musical instruments in public and private collections in Switzerland.

IAMIC Newsletter I (1973)
Contents include: History of CIMCIM and IAMIC; The documentation of musical instruments.



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