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May 4, 2023

April 2023 News News

Dear CIMCIM community,

Please, find an update from the CIMCIM Board on ongoing activities in April 2023. We also take the opportunity to invite you to share your museum’s ongoing activities and news on CIMCIM’s Facebook and/or on the CIMCIM-L.

4/5 April: ICOM Launch of a Global Survey on Museum Collections in Storage (message from ICOM’s President Emma Nardi forwarded on the CIMCIM-L / ICOM Member Newsletter – April 2023).

11 April: Executive Board Meeting.

11 April: Board Meeting (Strategic plan 2022-2025 discussion).

11 April: Conservation Interest Group planning meeting.

12 April: CIMCIM Prague 2022 Proceedings final call for submissions (deadline for presenters).

12 April: Announcement of the International Museum Day 2023 “Museum, Sustainability and Well-being” (CIMCIM-L).

18 April: The Netherlands 2023 Conference Committee meeting.

25 April: Call for papers reminder for the joint colloquium ‘The conservation of musical heritage in museums and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean’ of ICOM–CIMCIM and ASINPPAC (the International Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage) (CIMCIM-L).

25 April: ICOM Voices: Call for papers is open! To submit an article for #ICOMVoices, please log in to your #ICOM member space (CIMCIM-L).

April: CIMCIM Conference Proceedings 2021 entered final production phase / CIMCIM Conference Proceedings 2022 began editing phase.

26 April: Conference proceedings meeting (guidelines for editing and publishing).

The CIMCIM Board will meet every month, and if you have matters that you would like the Board to take up, please let us know.

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Thank you and best wishes on behalf of the CIMCIM Board,
Marie Martens
CIMCIM Secretary