Historical Publications, by year (1967-1998)

Preservation and Restoration of Musical Instruments: provisional recommendations
By Alfred Berner, John Henry van der Meer and Geneviève Thibault, with the co-operation of Norman Bromelle.
Published for ICOM-CIMCIM by Evelyn, Adams & Mackay, London, 1967 [Out of print]

Ethnic Musical Instruments: identification – conservation = Instruments de musique ethnique (parallel English and French text)
Edited by Jean Jenkins.
Published for ICOM-CIMCIM by Hugh Evelyn, London, 1970 [Out of print]

Instrumentos musicales étnicos
[translation into Spanish by Carlos Rausa of Ethnic Musical Instruments by Jean Jenkins, 1970]. Published by the Argentine National Committee of ICOM.

International directory of museums and collections of musical instruments
Edited by Jean Jenkins. Published for ICOM-CIMCIM by Frits Knuf, Buren, Netherlands, 1977 [Out of print]

Recommendations for Regulating the Access to Musical Instruments in Public Collections (1985)
Published in EnglishFrenchSpanishGermanItalian and Japanese) Price: € 2.00 or £ 1.00

Special Edition of the Newsletter: Musical Instrument Exhibitions in Scandinavia (1986)
Contents include: Three museums described by their own staff; Report of the Basic Concepts Working Group; Report of the Pedagogical Approach Working Group; Report of the Conservation and Security Working Group
Price: € 2.00 or £ 1.00

Contributions to the Study of Traditional Musical Instruments in Museums (1987)
CIMENT: Uniform Procedures for Data Element Description in CIMCIM Database Systems. World-Wide Web publication (1991) Price: € 2.00 or £ 1.00

Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World
Edited by Rob van Acht. Published by Moeck, Celle and on the CIMCIM website (1996, 2000).

International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
Joint publication of CIMCIM and the American Musical Instrument Society. World-Wide Web publication. In course of publication, 1997.

The Care of Historic Musical Instruments
Edited by Robert L. Barclay. Published by the Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa; The Museums and Galleries Commission (UK), London; and CIMCIM, Edinburgh (1997).

VOICES FOR THE SILENCED: Guidelines for Interpreting Musical Instruments in Museum Collections (1998)
These guidelines are intended for museum educators and guides who are not specialists in music or in organology, the study of musical instruments, and whose role it is to interpret museum collections for groups of children and adults of all ages.
The text can also be viewed at: http://homepages.ed.ac.uk/am/iwte.html


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