CIMCIM Publications Series 1 – 4

Recommendations for the conservation of musical instruments in collections: an annotated bibliography. CIMCIM Publications No. 1 (1993)
CIMCIM recognised the need for a document addressing conservation and restoration of musical instruments after concerns had been expressed that restorations continued to be undertaken that were unacceptable ethically. Although it was agreed that museum codes of ethics and other published works already covered this ground, it was nevertheless felt that curators and restorers of musical instruments did not necessarily have access to these publications. This document was formulated to facilitate access to relevant material. It consists of twenty annotated entries on a wide range of musical instrument topics, including care and maintenance, codes of ethics, safe practices, and the concerns of display and performance. An address list of all publishers referred to in the text is provided.
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Training in Musical Instrument Conservation. CIMCIM Publications No. 2 (1994)
This publication addresses the needs for training in musical instrument conservation by presenting the results of a worldwide questionnaire survey, and by discussing personal experiences with training in museums. The publication is in three parts: “A Survey on Training for Musical Instrument Conservators” which outlines the findings from the questionnaire; a paper by Friedemann Hellwig entitled “The Conservator of Musical Instruments: A Critical Analysis of the Position and Tasks in the Museum”; and a second paper by John Koster entitled “The Role of the Musical Instrument Conservator.”
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Copies of Historic Musical Instruments. CIMCIM Publications No. 3 (1994)
Papers read at the CIMCIM meeting, Antwerp, July 1993, bringing together members’ experiences with copies of museum instruments and exploring the philosophical and technical problems of copying.
Introduction: Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez, Antwerp. Reflections on the “Authenticity” of Musical Instruments: Martin Elste, Berlin. The “Exact Copy” as a Legitimate Goal: John Koster, Vermillion. Measure for Measurement: Eszter Fontana, Budapest. Radiographing Musical Instruments: a Useful Method in Organological Research: Mia Awouters, Brussels. The Provision of Plans: Jeremy Montagu, Oxford. Materials from Endangered Species in Musical Instruments: Laurence Libin, New York. The Clavicytherium (c 1480) and its “copy” in the Royal College of Music Museum, London: Elizabeth Wells, London. Building Biblical Instruments: Nina Benzoor, Haifa, Israel.
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Publication No. 4 1999 Regional Traditions in Musical Instrument MakingRegional Traditions in Instrument Making: Challenges to the Museum Community. CIMCIM Publications No. 4 (1998)
Including papers read at the CIMCIM meeting, Nagycenk, Hungary, September 1996, exploring regional variations in instrument making, and the historical, geographical and environmental factors which have determined them. The papers also discuss the implications of these variations for museum acquisition policies and the interpretation of collections.
Preface: Sumi Gunji, Tokyo. Preserving a Violin-Making Tradition in its Historial Context: Die Allemanische Schule – Second Edition of Olga Adelmann’s Monograph: Annette Otterstedt, Berlin. German Bow-Making Tradition – a Wide Span in Quality, or: When is a Bow Worth Collecting ?: Rudolf Hopfner, Vienna. Violin Making in Berlin – Artists, Craftsmen, Scholars, and Businessmen: Martin Elste, Berlin. Regional Schools of Instrument-Making in France: their Representation in Public Collections: Florence Gé:treau, Paris. Preserving Pennsylvania German Instruments: Laurence Libin, New York. Traditions and Individualism in Canadian Instrument Making: Carmelle Bégin, Hull, Québec. Regional Tradition in the Making of Short-Necked Lutes: Sumi Gunji, Tokyo. The Vessel Flute in Ukraine: Raisa Husak, Kiev. Field Documentation of Instrument Making in Traditional Cultures: Collecting Interpretive Data Based on an Example from the Guarijio Indians of Mexico: J. Richard Haefer, Tempe, Arizona. Wood, Bronze and Bamboo: Among Instrument Makers in Guichow Province, China 1989: Hélène La Rue, Oxford.
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