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December 8, 2023

November 2023 News News

Dear CIMCIM community,

November has come to an end, and it is time for the recurring CIMCIM News. The CIMCIM Board was pleased to see the CIMCIM community come together at the Time Hall Meeting on 7 November for fruitful discussions and development of CIMCIM’s strategic initiatives and activities.

Other ongoing activities during November 2023 include:

1 November: Provenance Research and Best Practices Survey launched on CIMCIM-L (deadline ended on 20 November 2023).

The CIMCIM Board received 22 answers: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France (2), Germany (4), Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland, USA (4), UK, and Zambia.

3 November: ICOM IC Chair bimonthly meeting including: Open discussion on IC acronyms, moderated by Gabriele PIEKE, Chair of ICWG, and Yvonne PLOUM, IC Spokesperson, Board Member of DEMHIST. One of the “IC recommendations 2023” is about IC acronyms: “In order to meet the outspoken needs for better internal and external communication, improved visibility of the ICs and promote clarity and inclusion, we recommend to investigate advantages and disadvantages of changing the acronyms of the IC’s into names reflecting the core activity / field of interest of the committees” (please find the full recommendation here. CIMCIM will have the opportunity to decide as a committee if it would like to change its name to “ICOM Music” or other.

6 November: The minutes of the CIMCIM Business Meeting 2023 published on CIMCIM’s website (the minutes will be published in the CIMCIM Bulletin as well).

7 November: Town Hall meeting (online).

9 November: The 94th Session of the ICOM Advisory Council (online) (IC Chairs).

9 November: MIMO Annual Meeting, Edinburgh (hybrid) (CIMCIM Chair & CIMICM-MIMO Liaison).

14 November: Executive Board meeting (online).

14 November: Board meeting (online).

28 November: SAREC webinar on the International Committees’ and Regional Alliances’ Annual Reports (activities/finances) for ICOM (CIMCIM Chair and Secretary).

30 November: IC Chair & 2024 Annual Meeting Chair collaborative meeting with ICME Treasurer / 2024 Annual Meeting Chair.


The CIMCIM Board will meet every month, and if you have matters that you would like the Board to take up, please let us know.

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Thank you and best wishes on behalf of the CIMCIM Board,
Marie Martens
CIMCIM Secretary