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February 16, 2024

January 2024 News News

Dear CIMCIM Community,

It is time to take up the recurring CIMCIM News!

We would like to draw your attention to the approaching deadline for call for papers for CIMCIM’s Annual Meeting 2024 in México. And to the annual renewal of your ICOM-CIMCIM membership!

Ongoing activities during December 2023 and January 2024 include:

2 December 2023: CIMCIM Board attendance to the Early Music Summit organised by the Early Music Network in Bruges.

4 December 2023: CIMCIM Board attendance to the Decibel (French musical instruments museums and collections group) annual meeting in Paris.

5 December 2023: “CIMCIM November 2023 News”.

6 December 2023: CIMCIM Board attendance to ICOM-US Board of Directors.

8 December 2023: “It is time to renew your ICOM membership!”. Message from ICOM forwarded to the CIMCIM-L. Please, make sure to renew your membership and check your ICOM member space that CIMCIM is listed as your International Committee!

12 December 2023: Executive Board meeting (online).

12 December 2023: Board meeting (Co-opted Board member discussion) (online).

13 December 2023: Call for CIMCIM 2023 Netherlands Proceedings Papers sent to all presenters (Extended deadline: 19 February 2024).

13 December 2023: CIMCIM 2019 Kyoto Proceedings published on CIMCIM’s website.

15 December 2023: ICOM Special Projects grant 2024 webinar & Q&A session.

22 December 2023: Call for Papers – CIMCIM Annual Meeting 2024 (México): ‘Transculturación y Diásporas’ / ‘Transculturation and Diaspora’ (deadline: 18 February 2024).

9 January 2024: Executive Board meeting (online).

30 January 2024: CIMCIM’s Annual Report 2023 submitted to ICOM.

The CIMCIM Board will meet every month, and if you have matters that you would like the Board to take up, please let us know.

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Thank you and best wishes on behalf of the CIMCIM Board,
Marie Martens
CIMCIM Secretary