Conference organisation 101

Introductory text

Conference 101 guide



2 years Official invitation submitted to the Business Meeting / General Assembly Local Organiser
2 years Definition of the conference topic CIMCIM Board (suggestions from LO will be taken into account)
12 months Appoint CIMCIM Conference Committee CIMCIM Board
12 months Appoint LO Conference Committee Local Organiser
12 months Revise and confirm conference topic CIMCIM + Local Organiser conference committees


Call for papers

12 months Submit draft Call for Papers to the CIMCIM Conference Committee Local Organiser
Refinement of Call for Papers CIMCIM CC
10 months Sign-off Call for Papers CIMCIM Board
10 months Distribute Call for Papers (CIMCIM list, AMIS list, Facebook, …) and Travel Grants CIMCIM CC / Local Organiser


Conference Web-page

11 months Open ‘Reserved access’ Conference Web-Page to the CIMCIM Conference Committee Local Organiser
Refinement of Conference Web-Page CIMCIM CC / Local Organiser
10 months Conference Web-Page sign-off CIMCIM Board
10 months Launch Conference Web-Page Local Organiser


Preliminary Programme and Budget

9 months Submit Preliminary Programme and Preliminary Budget to the CIMCIM Conference Committee Local Organiser
Discussion of the Preliminary Programme and Budget CIMCIM CC
8 months Sign-off of the Preliminary Programme and Budget CIMCIM Board
8 months Release Preliminary Programme Local Organiser


Definitive programme and Conference Booklet

8 months Deadline for submitting papers Received by Local Organiser
Paper Committee selects papers Local Organiser / CIMCIM CC
7 months Send confirmation of accepted papers to speakers Local Organiser
Send official invitation for visa purposes to all foreign approved speakers and instruction about visa application Local Organiser
7 months Short abstracts are published in the Conference Web-Page Local Organiser
Appoint Chairs of sessions Local Organiser / CIMCIM CC
Spaces and equipment are confirmed (including wifi access for participants) Local Organiser
4 months Confirm final programme Local Organiser
4 months Deadline for the submission of extended abstracts Received by Local Organiser
3 months Translation of extended abstracts Local Organiser
Editing of Conference Booklet Local Organiser
1 month Publication of extended abstracts online with Conference Booklet Local Organiser


Subscription process

6 months Open subscriptions (early bird) Local Organiser
4 months Close early bird / continue regular subscriptions Local Organiser
1 month Close subscriptions Local Organiser
Send detailed travel instructions to all participants Local Organiser