Travel Grant Guidelines

General Remarks

Travel grants for conference participants are usually offered both by the local organiser and by CIMCIM. The following guidelines specifically regulate the award of CIMCIM funds.

Travel Grants 2023
Conference grants will be made available either to support travel, or to cover registration fee and other costs related to attending the conference.
Please, get in touch with the travel grant committee chair at as soon as possible after submitting your abstract if you are planning to apply for a conference grant.

Application form

The award of travel grants is prioritised as follows:

  1. Applications from countries included in ICOM Categories 3 & 4.
    2. Applicants under the age of 40.
    3. Applicants who never attended a CIMCIM conference before.
    4. Applicants based in the same country/continent where the conference is organised.
    5. All other eligible museum professionals or aspiring museum professionals.

A fixed maximum amount is allocated each year by the CIMCIM Board to Travel Grants, on the basis of financial availability and the cost of the conference and of the country in which it is held. It is then augmented by the amount specifically transferred from ICOM for this purpose.
The number of grant recipients and the funding level should be decided by the CIMCIM Board (suggested: 20-80% of the total costs). Travel grants usually cover part of the costs related to attending the conference, and particularly those related to transport to and from the venue of the conference, conference fee, and accommodation.
Applicants who have received a CIMCIM grant will normally not be considered for a new grant for 3 years.

Eligibility for a CIMCIM travel grant

  1. The applicant must be a member of ICOM–CIMCIM.
    2. The applicant must be a museum professional, or aspiring museum professional, active in a field related to museums and collections of instruments and music.
    3. The applicant has to provide part of the costs.
    4. The applicant must submit a proposal for a paper, poster, or panel session (or other applicable contribution to the conference programme). However, the award of the travel grant is not dependent on the proposal being accepted.
    5. The application must be received by the CIMCIM Secretary by the deadline published in the call for applications. Applications received after the deadline cannot be considered.

Applications must include:

  1. The completed and signed application form.
    2. Copy of a valid travel document (passport, identity card).
    3. The applicant’s brief CV (curriculum vitae) indicating training, work experience, publications as well as current work responsibilities within his/her institution (1–2 pages maximum).

Conditions for payment of a grant

The grantee shall share her or his professional impressions with others. This is done by writing an article on a theme relevant to the conference attended. The article should be between 800 and 1700 words). We do not wish a mere listing of people and places, or a simple letter of thanks. Please feel free to be creative, and some suggestions for ideas include:

  1. Description of an exhibition visited.
    2. Any topic(s) that critically relate(s) to perspectives or issues raised during the conference and that can be of general interest to the membership.
    3. Your response attending the conference and what you saw (please do not write a summary of the meeting, but something more personal about a particular angle or highlights, for instance, that most impressed you).
    4. How the theme and events of the conference relate to your work and projects.
    5. Any themes, events or discussions that you found particularly relevant.
    6. Themes and issues that you would like CIMCIM to address in future meetings.

The article shall be sent to the Secretary at the latest two months after the end of the conference. All incoming articles will be revised by the CIMCIM Board and, if accepted, published in the CIMCIM Bulletin. The financial support will be sent out after the article has been approved by the Board. In exceptional circumstances, an alternate schedule can be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

Processing payment

The CIMCIM Treasurer will handle the bank transfer and will need the following information:

  1. Receipt(s) for relevant travel expenses (plane ticket, train ticket, hotel accommodation, etc.);
  2. Receipt for CIMCIM-meeting registration;
    3. Full information for your bank account (bank name; IBAN and BIC/SWIFT, information that can be obtained from your bank), as well as your postal address;
  3. An official bank statement (“relevé d’identité bancaire”, RIB). This document can be obtained from the bank online or on site upon request.

Please, note that all claims must be submitted within two months after acceptance of the article is confirmed by the CIMCIM Secretary. Claims submitted after this deadline might not be payable.



Updated on 5 May 2022