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May 20, 2020

Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande 1920 – 2020 Book

The year 2020 marks the centennial of the foundation of Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande, The Nydahl Collection in Stockholm, Sweden 1920. To celebrate this jubilee, we release an anniversary book presenting the Nydahl Collection during its first 100 years.

The book is a portrait of the unique collection, the music and the people – and not least the instruments. The collection was created by a single man, driven by his great passion for music and musical instruments, Rudolf Nydahl, and includes about 1’600 music manuscripts, 5’400 letters from composers and musicians, and 550 musical instruments from different parts of the world and from different eras.

Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande is today a unique place – an archive, a museum, a concert venue and a meeting place for music lovers, musicians and researchers.

During our work with this book we studied a vast variety of materials – letters, photos, instruments and documents. We have been in contact with countless people who in different ways have been close to us during the years. It has become clear that the Nydahl Collection inspires many people. The life and work of the collector Rudolf Nydahl has also come to life – a man guided by his great love for music.

Title: Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande 1920 – 2020
Editor: Edward Klingspor

 The book cost 350 SEK (~ 35 euro) and can be ordered on our website or by e-mail (