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January 1, 2021

LÉON LEBLANC 1900-2000. A MAN, A CENTURY. Exhibit and catalogue Book, Temporary exhibit

Temporary exhibit, 5 September 2020 – 28 March 2021

Le Musée des instruments à vent, La Couture-Boussey, France

Léon Leblanc lived through what the historian Eric Hobsbawm, in his 1994 work The Age of Extremes, dubbed the “short twentieth century”. This definition is perfectly suited to instrument making, which moved from a pre-industrial production system to a mass-production system, and then to globalized industrial production.

Originally from La Couture-Boussey and the successor to a local tradition dating back to the 17th century, Léon Leblanc truly revolutionized the clarinet world. An exceptional musician and entrepreneur, he dedicated his life to music, and in doing so he made the name of this small Normandy village echo around the world.

“Leblanc” thus grew into a company capable of competing on the international market and producing thousands of instruments each year for students, amateurs, and professionals, all without ever forgetting its roots and its historical heritage.

A minisite (sorry, just in French) and a story on Google Arts & Culture are also available. Images of the exhibit are posted on the museum FB page.

A 148-page catalogue (preview here), in French and English is available for purchase (12€), please contact for any information.